Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election 2012: What Now, Texas?

The results of election night 2008 (four years ago) caused an unexpected spike in Texas 'Secede' bumper sticker sales. Back then I got an email notification for every order (they were handled by an on-line shopping cart at the time). As the evening wore on, my Inbox filled up — which was my first clue as to how the election was turning out.

Neither Party nor Candidate Matters

Now, I don't know how many Texans really thought McCain/Palin were anything but 100% status quo ruling class in 2008, and I don't know how many Texans really thought Romney/Ryan were anything but 100% status quo ruling class in 2012. I certainly expected nothing but business-as-usual, regardless of which party controlled the White House or either house of Congress.

But as long as there are only spikes in Texans' secessionist sentiment when the Republicans lose a race for the White House, the Texas secessionist movement will remain not-ready-for-primetime. It will take more Texans realizing that there's no essential difference between the "two parties" before public awareness can reach a "critical mass" eager to be rid of the US status quo political regime.

A Solid Motive is Critical

Seceding because the "lesser-of-two-evils" didn't win is a petty and naïve motive, and guaranteed to fail. But seceding because the whole US political system is corrupt, because both parties have historically perpetuated the same harmful core policies both at home and abroad, and because those policies have only served to strengthen the US State (and it political class) at the expense of the liberty and property of The People — well that's a solid motive that could rally a broad enough base to get some traction.

A separate Texas that isn't based on principles of personal liberty and responsibility, as well as limited government, is not a big enough dream to truly inspire Texas' population, no matter how disgruntled they might be about some election results. Enough Texans need to recognize that the whole so-called "democratic" system of US politics is a fraud before they'll rise to support an independence unencumbered by such external baggage, knowing that things like the ever-increasing national debt have been part and parcel of an overall agenda with minimal concern for the well-being of the ruled.

A Texas so informed could very well make its way to a successful and beneficial separation from Washington's rule. And that could well be peacefully achieved, as it has been elsewhere in the world at various times. Let's retain that hope, and wait patiently — for one never knows...